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Republican Democracy at Work: Eminent Domain is power of the government to take private property and convert it into public use,1 public use by Americans. However, it is being used to take private property on the behalf of Foxconn, a foreign company.2

The Fox that Cons:  The $3 billion Foxconn deal will cost the state of Wisconsin $230,700 per worker.3 As John Nichols rightly pointed out during the Presidents’ Day Dinner, at that rate, the State could pay those 13,000 workers $46,000 per year to stay home.  The give-away will cost $1,800 per Wisconsin household4, which means even people up in Superior will be paying for Walker’s boondoggle.  If you’re happy with your roads, you’ll be pleased to know that while the transportation fund is $870 million short of the money needed to maintain roads, Walker and the Republicans will shift $90 million from other state roads to build new roads for Foxconn.5

Voodoo Economics:  Walker boasted, “We are investing more money into education than ever before in the history of Wisconsin.”  However, after adjusting for inflation, the high point for state investment in education was 2011.6  Walker’s investment does nothing to address the damage he and the Republicans have done to our K-12, Tech schools and the University System when they took control of the government.


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